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Munich - EN

About Munich

Partner in FLOW: City of Munich

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is the capital of the state Bavaria, located in southeastern Germany. The city is seeing continuous growth. A population growth by approx. 200.000 people is anticipated to occur by 2030. This growth poses immense challenges and crucial questions for the city: How to maintain affordable housing? How to resolve space conflicts? How to avoid social polarisation? How to keep up accessibility and functioning transport systems? How to densify and intensify usage of space while retaining quality of life?

Activities in FLOW 

Munich's sustainable mobility goals

The city's transport development plan gives highest priority to all measures that help to reduce traffic or shift traffic from the car to walking, cycling and public transport.

For this purpose, Munich has been promoting cycling with a comprehensive strategy for several years and is now in the process of implementing a 'neighbourhood mobility' program with the following components:

1. Amenity values of public space (esp. squares)

2. Better footpath connections

3. Pedestrian orientation system

4. Cooperation in neighbourhood mobility

5. Mobility management

Microscopic modelling in FLOW

The modelling activities focused on the reorganization of road space with the aim of improving conditions for pedestrians (e.g. street crossings, car speed reductions, shared space elements) and cyclists (new cycle lanes, signal programs etc.) without causing more congestion for cars.


  • better public places by reallocation of space to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • better cycling corridors and demonstration on road traffic congestion.
  • building for understanding and modelling walking and cycling behaviour and requirements.

Website addresses

Munich city website

Traffic information

Transport development plan

Urban development strategy "Perspecitve Munich"  download.

Quick facts

Population: 1,500,000 inhabitants

Land area: 310.4 km2

Road network length: 2,180 km

Cycle paths length: 860 km

Walking paths length: 2,000 km

PT system length: 640 km

PT passenger trips per day: 900,000

Car trips per working day: 1,100,000/1,500,000

Modal split of Munich (EPOMM, 2008)