FLOW, TRACE and EMPOWER join forces at CIVITAS Forum 2017

Data and walking & cycling: Who’s got what? Why is it important? And what can you do with it? From 27-29 September, FLOW teamed up with related CIVITAS projects TRACE and EMPOWER at the CIVITAS Forum Conference in Torres Vedras, Portugal to address these questions.

Together we had an informational stand and offered a number of hands-on activities for participants during the Deployment Day and the regular session programme.

Activities at the FLOW-TRACE-EMPOWER stand during Deployment Day included walkshops and a bike tour to test the walking and cycling apps Positive Drive and Biklio (TRACE) and Zwitch (EMPOWER), two tool workshops – one on TRACE’s TAToo tracking data analysis tool and one on FLOW’s congestion impact assessment tool – and a Pecha Kucha on prioritising pedestrians to reduce congestion in Lisbon, featuring FLOW partner city Lisbon.

FLOW also hosted a World Café workshop entitled “Decision making in the digital age: The role of data in transport policies and decisions for non-motorised modes”. The workshop aimed to answer the overall questions, “To what extent are data available on non-motorised modes in cities, and to what degree can they support decision making on sustainable transport?” We had a lively interactive session, with over 30 participants from across Europe contributing their experience to the discussion.