PTV Group presented FLOW in…

Torres Vedras: At the CIVITAS Forum 2017 (27-29 September) in Torres Vedras, Portugal, PTV Group presented the FLOW impact assessment tool in a workshop where municipalities from across Europe had the chance to ask direct questions about its applicability to various walking and cycling measures.

Barcelona: the European Transport Conference was held from 4-6 October, where PTV introduced the FLOW-related traffic software and impact assessment tool developments, as well as their application to the city of Lisbon.

Montreal, Canada: From 29 October-2 November the ITS World Congress took place in Montreal with a contribution from PTV on the traffic software-related developments and their applications in the FLOW partner cities.

Karlsruhe, Germany: From 14-15 November, FLOW was presented by the Annual User Group Meeting organised by PTV at its headquarters in Karlsruhe in front of invited transport professionals from consultancies and representatives from academic and research institutes.