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FLOW supported systematic knowledge transfer between FLOW and a group of Exchange and Follower cities on each group’s experiences in assessing the effectiveness of walking and cycling measures for addressing urban congestion. Research has shown that policy transfer is considered most effective by transport professionals if it contains direct peer-to-peer exchange and networking opportunities. Therefore, FLOW supported this process by providing a platform for experience exchange and initiating a close learning process that lasted throughout the project and possibly will last even beyond.

Here are some of the opportunities for cities to engage with FLOW: 

Exchange Cities:

The FLOW project team launched a Call for Exchange Cities aiming to support 9 European cities interested in pairing up with the FLOW project cities on integrating walking and cycling as equal travel modes into their planning processes. ”˜Twinning’ of the cities was based on the Exchange Cities’ interests in the walking and cycling measures to be tested in FLOW and their plans to implement or upscale similar measures. The Exchange Cities received funding from FLOW, ensuring their participation in numerous project activities. 

Follower Cities:

The FLOW project team launched a Call for Follower Cities aiming to support 30 cities which could participate in three face-to-face learning and exchange workshops tailored to the cities’ learning needs. 

In addition, any other city could participate in FLOW’s introductory webinars and in-depth, interactive online courses ”“ for free!  

FLOW Quick Facts for Cities