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A few weeks ago, we welcomed representatives from some impressive 28 FLOW Exchange and Follower Cities to workshops in Munich. We are delighted to see that our partner cities are eager to get involved and engage in the FLOW workshops on modelling and impact assessment.

The FLOW consortium strongly believes that the exchange of experience between local practitioners can support the take-up of effective congestion busting walking and cycling measures. FLOW's online learning platform therefore provides access for many more professionals interested in assessing the congestion impact of walking and cycling measures.

We look at this through macroscopic and microscopic modelling as well as the impact assessment tool developed in FLOW. Read more about the upcoming e-courses and webinars in this newsletter!

Our next highlight will be the world's largest cycling conference, Velo-city, from 13 to 16 June in Arnhem and Nijmegen (NL). FLOW will launch a new video at the conference and a collection of 15 'Quick Facts' on how walking and cycling measures have reduced congestion around the world.

FLOW will also participate in the CIVITAS Forum Conference in Torres Vedras, Portugal, on 27-29 September 2017. We will join forces with the related CIVITAS projects TRACE and EMPOWER and hope to meet many of you and one of the upcoming events!

To stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in FLOW, please sign up to receive our newsletter at www.h2020-flow.eu and follow us on Twitter at @FlowH2020!

For now, we wish you a pleasant read!

Project Coordinator Rupprecht Consult, POLIS (dissemination) and the entire FLOW consortium

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  FLOW Online Market Catalogue now available!  

The FLOW Online Market Catalogue is now available on the FLOW website! This catalogue provides you with descriptions of services, case studies and contact details for 30 companies from across Europe that are working to offer cutting-edge walking and cycling-related products and services.

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  Meet FLOW at the Velo-city Conference!  

Velo-city is the annual global cycling summit - and this year it comes to Arnhem and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, from 13-16 June.

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  FLOW workshop on macroscopic and microscopic modelling and congestion impact assessment, PTV, April 28 2017, Karlsruhe (Germany)  

On 27 April 2017, FLOW partner PTV welcomed the FLOW Market Forerunners and FLOW Exchange Cities at their headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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  FLOW webinars and e-courses - register now!  

Join our interactive learning community of transport planners in cities and consultancies across Europe.

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  New FLOW publication on the impact of walking and cycling on urban road performance  

Flow project has recently released a new publication titled "Analysing the impact of walking and cycling on urban road performance: a conceptual framework" which introduces you to the tools that are being developed by FLOW.

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  Project in the spotlight: Bike2Work or how an EU project got half a million people out of their cars  

For the past two years, ECF together with twelve other project partners worked on the Bike2Work project, funded by the European Union. The main objective of Bike2Work was to encourage a significant modal shift from motorised commuting to cycling. The project targeted employees and the change of their commuting habits through Bike2Work campaigns, as well as employers, convincing them to...

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  Partner in the spotlight: The Wuppertal Institute  

The Wuppertal Institute leads FLOW's Work Package 1, in which a multimodal methodology was developed that evaluates the impacts of cycling and walking measures on transport network performance and congestion.

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  FLOW city in the spotlight: Creating places for people in Munich  

Creating places for people is the key idea of Munich's engagement in the FLOW project.

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  News Bites from the FLOW cities    
  I Bike Budapest - Festival of 10,000 cyclists  

Do you remember the largest cycling demonstration ever? It was organised in Budapest on 22 April 2008 Critical Mass / Earth Day, which attracted an estimated 80,000 cyclists.

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  Lisbon: slow keeps the flow  

Lisbon wants to ensure enough time for pedestrians to cross all its intersections and reduce the risk of allowing cars to turn-on-red into crosswalks.

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  Gdynia to participate in the European Cycling Challenge 2017!  

This is the fourth time that Gdynia (Poland) is taking part in the European Cycling Challenge, which runs from 1-31 May. It is a continuation of the effort undertaken within the CIVITAS DYN@MO project, where the city was intensively promoting sustainable modes of transport, with an emphasis on cycling.

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  Congestion in the News    
  Driverless cars will cause congestion on Britain's roads to worsen for years.  

Driverless cars will cause congestion on Britain's roads to worsen for years because the vehicles behave too cautiously, according to a Department for Transport (DfT) study.

Delays on motorways and major roads during peak periods are expected to rise by 0.9%  when a quarter of cars are automated, researchers found.

Source and complete text: http://bit.ly/2qwzstf

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  UK is third most traffic-congested country in Europe - study  

Time wasted in Britain's worst traffic jams cost motorists a staggering 31bn Pounds (36 million Euro) last year, according to new research. The most congested UK city is London, which was found to be the seventh worst city out of more than 1,000 analysed around the world. Manchester comes second, followed by Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Guildford, Luton, Bournemouth, Hull and...

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  Study calls for London's congestion charge to be reformed  

London's congestion charge must be changed to target vehicles which contribute to congestion the most, a report has found. The London Assembly Transport Committee said road users should pay more for using busier roads at peak times. While private car usage had reduced, there had been an increase in other forms of transport such as delivery vehicles and private hire vehicles, BBC reports....

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  Labour MP suggests cyclists could be making congestion and pollution in UK cities worse  

The Independent reports about British Labour Party politician Rob Flello, who describes himself as a 'cycle lane-sceptic'. Cycling UK encouraged Mr. Flello to visit cities in Denmark and the Netherlands to see how cycling can cut congestion. 

Source and complete text: http://ind.pn/2iDUnop

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  University hospital in Linköping reduced congestion through cycling measures  

For a while, the parking chaos around the university hospital in Linköping was so bad that there was a risk that operations would have to be cancelled. Angry voices called for “more parking”, but instead the region of Östergötland chose to invest in sustainable transport. Today, there are 300 fewer cars per day that park outside the hospital, as Swedish consultancy Trivector reports.


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    Upcoming events as of June 2017  

In this news item, you will find a selection of international events related to walking and cycling.

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