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Learning and exchange

Learning and exchange

FLOW e-courses and webinars

Throughout 2017, FLOW is offering a series of three webinars and corresponding e-courses. Each webinar gives an overview of the topic, which is expanded on in the e-course that follows. Each e-course is offered for four weeks with expert moderation and allows for interaction with FLOW experts and with colleagues from across Europe. Concrete examples will be provided as well as tasks and exercises to help you apply what you learn to your own local context. The e-course format allows you to work in your own home or office at your own pace for the duration of the course. Click on the picture below to enlarge and see the Webinar and e-course content, dates and target audiences. 

Webinar and e-course content, dates and target audiences

FLOW will train implementers from more than 40 European cities in applying the FLOW methodology and assessment tools, and will encourage experience exchange between local practitioners on evaluating effective congestion busting walking and cycling measures in various face-to-face and online formats. Through these activities, FLOW aims to support the Europe-wide take-up of congestion busting measures in public administrations.


The first webinar, Congestion and Your City: the FLOW Approach, kicked off on 30.01.2017 and introduced FLOW project’s philosophy on walking and cycling as means of congestion reduction. It also provided a concrete example of the application of FLOW's tools in the context of College Green in Dublin. 

If you missed FLOW's first webinar, you can watch it here.


The first e-course, entitled Congestion and Your City: the FLOW Approach, started on Monday, 30 January 2017. It runs for four weeks and builds on the content of the introductory webinar. 

The e-course provides more in-depth training on:

  • Indicators to measure congestion reduction in the context of walking and cycling
  • FLOW’s Portfolio of walking and cycling measures relevant for congestion reduction
  • The FLOW conceptual framework: What is the role of walking and cycling in congestion reduction strategies? 

No pre-registration is required. Just come to the Mobility Academy and join in. Registration for future webinars and e-courses will be available roughly one month in advance of the start date.

If you need assistance with with enrollment follow these instructions here.

For questions, please contact Bonnie Fenton at b.fenton@rupprecht-consult.eu.   

Learning and exchange workshops for FLOW cities

FLOW’s Technical Support Partners will organise three annual large-scale awareness, learning and exchange workshops for the six Partner Cities, nine Exchange Cities  and 30 Follower Cities . Using a combination of lecture and interactive experience reporting sessions, the workshops will cover the most effective walking and cycling measures, as well as the FLOW congestion assessment methodology. A main outcome of these workshops will be the creation of a solid network of cities that will continue to learn from one another.

Now open! The first e-course “Congestion and Your City – the FLOW Approach”

January 30th-February 24th

Enrol any time and learn at your own pace.

Click below to create an account and then enrol yourself in the e-course (step-by-step instructions available here).