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Portfolio of measures

Portfolio of measures

Cities have different options for fostering walking and cycling, ranging from infrastructural to behaviour-centred approaches. Depending on local circumstances, different options have different effects on congestion.

FLOW produced The Role of Walking and Cycling in Reducing Congestion: A Portfolio of Measures to inform about the range of measures available to cities to foster walking and cycling, and to point particularly to the impact of such measures on congestion. As impacts on congestion are situation-specific, the Portfolio of Measures includes case studies of different measure types.

The first part of the Portfolio provides some general findings about the role of walking and cycling measures in relieving congestion, based on a literature review and an expert survey carried out within the FLOW project. This is followed by 20 cases in which walking measures, cycling measures or combinations of measures have been successfully implemented in Europe and abroad. The case studies are clustered in five main topic groups: cycling infrastructure (moving traffic); walking and cycling infrastructure (moving traffic); cycling infrastructure (parking and bike sharing); traffic management strategies; mobility management and measures for more than one mode. The final chapter summarises the effects of the 20 cases and elaborates some general lessons learned. One general finding: the measures described have helped to reduce congestion or have increased walking and/or cycling levels without increasing congestion.

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