Professionals across Europe interested in FLOW results

The Autumn brought us a good step ahead to enable cities, planners and consultancies to make use of research conducted in FLOW. The biggest events where we shared findings were the CIVITAS Forum in Torres Vedras, Velo-city in Arnhem-Nijmegen and with CIVINET Romania. Coming later this week is the FLOW session at the 2017 Polis Conference.

Here are more details what was the focus of each conference presentation:

Velo-city 2017 Arnhem-Nijmegen: The FLOW project was presented at the Velo-city 2017 conference in Arnhem-Nijmegen, both in the official conference programme and in the exhibition area where FLOW had a booth and showed the early release of the FLOW video and introduced its Quick Facts for Cities. Read more.

CIVITAS Forum (1): FLOW, TRACE and EMPOWER joined forces at CIVITAS Forum 2017. The session addressed Data and walking & cycling: Who’s got what? Why is it important? And what can you do with it? Read more.

CIVITAS Forum (2): PTV Group presented the FLOW impact assessment tool in a workshop where municipalities from across Europe had the chance to ask direct questions about its applicability to various walking and cycling measures.

CIVINET Romania: The city network promoting the CIVITAS approach for public authorities in Romania invited the FLOW project to deliver a presentation on the FLOW approach on 25 October 2017 in Timisoara. Read more.

PTV also presented FLOW at the 2017 European Transport Conference in Barcelona, at the ITS World Congress in Montreal and at PTV's Annual User Group Meeting in Karlsruhe. Read more.