Upcoming events as of December 2017

6-7 December 2017: Annual Polis Conference
"Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions"
Brussels, Belgium

More info on www.polisnetwork.eu/2017conference

13-14 March 2018: FLOW Final conference
Brussels, Belgium
More information on the FLOW Award will be on the FLOW website soon! 

16-19 April 2018: Transport Research Arena (TRA)
Vienna, Austria
More info on http://www.traconference.eu/ 

14-15 May 2018: 5th European SUMP conference
Nicosia, Cyprus
More info on http://www.eltis.org/ 

23-25 May 2018: International Transport Forum (ITF) Summit 2018 "Transport Safety and Security"
Leipzig, Germany
More info on https://www.itf-oecd.org/summit-events/2018 

30 May - 1 June 2018: ECOMM 2018
Uppsala, Sweden
The next edition of the European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) will take place in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference theme in 2018 is "Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies".
More info on ECOMM 2018.